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Edenvale Aerodrome Highway #26 – Clearview Township

Project Description

For many years now Georgian Paving Ltd has enjoyed a positive working relationship with the owners of the Edenvale Airport. We have helped them to establish programs for its redevelopment and expansion by assisting in grading and asphalt design recommendation. The project was completed in phases, and over the last three years we have placed approximately 10,000 mt of granular road base and 14,000 mt of hot mix asphalt. All quality control testing was performed by Georgian Paving Ltd.

The following details various phases of project:


  • Grade Design and Layout
  • Parking lot and Main Runway Areas
  • Place 8000mt of granular A
  • Paving 8760mt asphalt


  • Grade Design & Layout
  • Parking Lot & Taxiway
  • Place & Fine grade 850mt Granular A
  • 1650mt Asphalt Paving
  • Catchbasin & Sewer Repairs


  • Grade Design & Layout
  • Taxiways
  • Pulverize & grade 12270m2 Ex Asphalt
  • Pave 3700mt